Theatre Hotel Courage

Theatre Hotel Courage is the international theatre company of Katrien van Beurden. She depicts the world with archetypical tragicomical universal masks. With an ensemble consisting of Dutch and international actors and musicians Theatre Hotel Courage creates performances around the world and gives workshops in a theatrical style developed by Van Beurden and inspired by the Commedia dell'arte.


During the past fifteen years Van Beurden did research and training sessions all over the world. She is known worldwide as a renewer of this age-old playing style, which is accessible for a large audience. 


Theatre Hotel Courage works in theaters and at universities, in refugee camps, slums, cities and abandoned villages. The theatre company travels from Amsterdam to for example Palestine, Iran, Ghana, India, the USA and Canada.


"Theatre Hotel Courage" is a proverbial hotel. Everybody is welcome here, the table is set, and every guest - known or unknown - gets a place to stay. It's a place where people work and play out of the courage to live, in any circumstances.

Peter's Role

composer & saxophonist