Aus unendlicher Ferne

"Aus unendlicher Ferne" gives voice to the unknown; that which comes from infinitely far. A journey is being made through sound organisms that merge into each other. An unknown universe takes shape.
During the musical trip we pass by four audio tapes that are constructed by means of gramophone recordings. The score transforms towards the tapes and away from them.

Concepts as curved spacetime and the imagination of a universe that is not bounded by the speed of light have helped to shape the musical world of "Aus unendlicher Ferne".




trombone, accordion, cimbalom, percussion, string quintet & tape


20 min.


Conductor - Konradin Herzog Trombone - Lennart de Winter Accordion - Renée Bekkers Cimbalom - Michiel Weidner Percussion - Yu-Ling Chiu Violin - Shin Sihan & Tim Brackman Viola - Elisa Karen Violincello - Pieter de Koe Contrabas - Hinse Mutter November 19 2015 Splendor Amsterdam